Cape Computer Repair is Cape Girardeau’s speedy and inexpensive solution for business and residential customers.

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Have you noticed a decrease in your computer’s performance? It’s a very common and easily addressed problem. As time passes, your computing experience can be incrementally slowed to a crawl by registry errors, unnecessary factory software, inefficient antivirus software, hard drive errors, and inadequate memory. Give us the opportunity, and we’ll make your computer run smoother than it did the day you bought it! That’s right… you don’t need to pay $800 for a new computer.

Do you see strange popups or virus warnings? This can indicate a potential security problem requiring immediate attention, particularly if you’re using your computer in sensitive situations like online banking. With 18 years of experience, we specialize in virus and spyware removal. While our competition “cleans” your system using brainless scanners and virus removal tools, Cape Computer Repair will go the extra mile, ensuring there is absolutely no chance your computer remains “silently” infected.

Are you experiencing WIFI or wired networking problems? Cape Computer Repair is your simple, on-site solution. Wireless networking has been referred to as a “black art” by some. That’s because it can be difficult to configure and maintain. We have many years experience installing, configuring, and maintaining WIFI networks. You’ll be astonished by your wireless network’s stability after Cape Computer Repair steps in to help.

Need to recover pictures or documents from a troublesome computer? Cape Computer Repair is an inexpensive, effective solution. While most data recovery labs will charge literally thousands of dollars to recover your lost data, our customers pay a low, affordable fee.

You don’t want to drag your computer into a repair shop? No problem! For a surprisingly small fee, we can pick up, deliver, and reconnect your computer in your home. Best of all, we’ll connect all of your peripherals to make sure everything is working as expected before we leave! No other computer repair service in Cape Girardeau can match our level of personal service.